Convenient Window Cleaning in London for All Properties

Our window cleaning is one of our signature services. We help homes and businesses keep their facades in top-notch shape - no matter how many storeys tall they are. So when you are in need of a reliable window washing service with minimum disruption to your daily routines, then we got you covered.

Simply contact us and tell us when would be the best time for a visit by the technicians. They will come to the address and take care of the job for you. What you get is shining windows without even moving a finger.

What Makes This Service Great?

Window Cleaners in LondonThe experts are capable of handling each job quite efficiently thanks to our top-notch professional equipment. Also, they are able to handle windows as high as the fourth storey of a building from ground level. This means that no ladders are ever used which significantly minimises the risks of damage to your property and injury of the workers.

But what if your building is higher than four storeys? Don't worry about it, the abseiling crew will take care of those unreachable places! However, these are just some of the advantages that you get with our helpful service. Here you can take a look at a few other examples:

  • Friendly customer care staff ready to answer your questions
  • Easy to book - regular visitations can be arranged
  • Services available during weekends and bank holidays
  • Highly effective methods used
  • Equipped with top-notch water-fed pole
  • Eco-friendly cleaning with purified water
  • Dedicated, diligent professionals

How the Window Technicians Do it

The specialists will arrive at the address and get to work right away. They will use a water-fed pole system which allows them to reach the windows from ground level. No detergents are used in the process. We clean only with purified water that acts like a magnet to dirt. After the procedure, the window is completely dirt free and without any water spots. This method is incredibly effective because the pressurised water effectively dislodges any accumulated filth and rinses the glass surface at the same time.

Important Requirements This Service

  • Any construction or repair work must be concluded before the service takes place.
  • The professionals need easy, unobstructed access to the windows and visibility to do their job.

Since the water-fed pole system is attached to their vehicle, they need to park nearby the side of the building that they will be washing. On the other hand, if there is any construction or repair work going on, we kindly ask to book this service for a time when all that work will be done. Otherwise, the windows might become filthy again and all the hard work would be for nothing.

We Also Provide Commercial Services

That's right, our window cleaning services are available for your workplace as well. If you are running a business, then the presentable appearance of the place must be of great importance to you. And this is definitely something we can help you with. Just give us the details and let's discuss how our window cleaning service can fit right into your work routine. Keep in mind our schedule is quite flexible so we'll surely figure out something that works for you!

Book Your Window Cleaning Service Now!

To make an appointment, all you need to do is give us a quick call. Our friendly customer care staff will be happy to answer all your questions and put you on schedule.

Also, you can make your request for a free quote online. Another easy option is to directly chat with one of our representatives by using the online chat feature. Something more, if you combine this service with oven cleaning, you will get a discount.

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