Get Your Deposit Back with Our Check Out Cleaning In London

End of tenancy cleaning by London Cleaning Team Moving out isn't the best way to spend the weekend, especially if there is a lot of cleaning to be done. We can definitely help you with the end of tenancy cleaning. In fact, we specialise in it and are proud to say that landlords are always happy after we're done with the job. And surely this will help you get your security deposit back. Basically, we will send a team of minimum 2 people who will give the property a throughout sanitizing. They will bring all the necessary equipment and detergents. So simply contact us today and make your appointment - this is a guaranteed service and you can be sure to get your money back!

Who Can Take Advantage of This Specialized Service?

  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Leasing agents
  • Students
  • Anyone who is moving in or out

The Benefits of Our End of Tenancy Cleaning

Experienced move out cleaners from London Cleaning Team.What's really great about this job is that it is quite comprehensive. Our company offers a wide range of benefits that comes along when booking our end of lease cleaning. Below you can take a look at our checklists that properly show the many aspects of this service. These are pretty much the same lists used by most landlords and leasing agents, meaning that we cover every little detail. However, these are just some of the main advantages of this service. Take a look at the rest:

  • 48-hour guarantee - if your landlord isn't happy with the job, we will re-clean for free within this time after the service;
  • Premium 7-days guarantee available at your request
  • Free professional oven cleaning as part of the service;
  • Easy to book, just contact our friendly customer care staff;
  • No contracts or legal obligations involved;
  • Key pick-up and delivery can be arranged;
  • This service is not limited in time - we will stay until everything is properly done;

You can take a look at the tenancy cleaning rates on the prices page. And if you want to be sure you will get your deposit back, you can also order professional carpet cleaning and get a 40% discount. 

What's Included in Our Move Out Cleaning?

Here you can take a look at the areas that the professionals will focus on during the services as well as the specific things that they will clean.

Living Room and Bedrooms

  • Remove all cobwebs from ceilings, clean light fittings and shades
  • Wipe clean light switches and sockets (wall spot cleaning is available for 15 GBP per room)
  • Clean curtain rails, pictures, top of picture frames and mirrors
  • Wipe doors and door frames, clean any door marks, remove fingerprints
  • Wipe and dust the wardrobe inside, outside and on the top
  • Clean on the top and inside of the shelves, drawers and cupboards, wipe down tables
  • Dust through and wipe all the woodwork, skirting boards and floor edges
  • Wipe fireplace and surrounding area
  • Wipe windows and window sills
  • Remove cushions, hoover inside sofa, clean underneath
  • Move beds and drawers, clean underneath

Hard Floors

  • Wash down and mop
  • Check for residual hair and dust


  • Move furniture for access
  • Vacuum through to edges
  • Steam clean if needed


  • Cupboards and drawers - clean handles and marks around them, clear inside out and throw away any unneeded items
  • Clean the soap dispenser
  • Wipe and descale the sink
  • Clean and throw away any food /dirt/dust deposit around the sink
  • Dust the rubbish bin – clean the top, beneath it
  • Clean and dry drain wall tiles


  • Fridge: Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits, wipe door handles, clean the rubber seal, clean the top of the fridge, freezer clean inside and out
  • Dishwasher: Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits, check filters, clean the soap dispenser drawer
  • Washing machine: Wipe down inside and out, check the rubber seal, clean soap dispenser drawer;
  • Microwave: Clean inside and out, clean inside and top of oven, wipe inside and out
  • Tumble Dryer: Clean dust and lint filters, check handles and rubber seal
  • Oven: Clean and degrease oven, hob and grill, clean grill pan and oven racks, clean the inner top of the oven, wipe clean the rubber seal, clean behind the oven if accessible
  • Toaster: Clean and remove any leftover crumbs;
  • Extractor: Wipe, clean the top and beneath

Bathroom and WC

  • Clean taps, soap dispenser and fittings, remove all limescale
  • Clean and dust mirrors, glass and toothbrush holders
  • Wipe and dust radiators and towel rails
  • Clean and descale shower screen and tiles
  • Clean bidet and shower cubicles
  • Check for hair around the drainage
  • Remove limescale
  • Wipe extractor fans clean from dust and dirt
  • Clean pipework and plumbing behind the WC if accessible
  • Hoover and mop floors
  • Clean floor edges dust all radiators – between and outside

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And get your security deposit back from the landlord for sure. All you need to do is to give us a quick call on 020 3746 2490. Our friendly customer care staff are expecting your calls on our hotlines, ready to answer all your questions. Also, don't forget that you are able to request a free, no-obligation quote via our online form. Another easy and time-saving option is the live chat.

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